Taxeveo was founded in 2008 and has opened three additional Taxevo locations in Michigan and Ontario. The Taxevo business model has been designed to deliver expert advice on accounting and bookkeping, income tax returns, and other financial services in a timely and accurate manner. Taxevo has developed a brand that fills a market space with a high level of need for personal and business accounting and income tax services and support. Taxevo is committed to providing close, personal attention to its clients. We take pride that the assistance our customers receive comes from years of advanced training and technical experience.

Industry Specilization

Taxevo specializes in auditing, accounting & taxation of Real Estate for brokerages and agencies, energy companies, wholesalers, general contractors, motels, gas stations, truck stops, transport companies, franchisees, and doctors etc.

Taxevo’s strong commitment to quality and service ensures that our internal accounting and auditing procedures meet the highest standards of our profession.

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