With our complete knowledge of Federal and Provincial Income Tax Regulations as well as Corporate Capital Tax, our team continuously analyzes the impact of Canadian Tax Regulations to the business of our clients, enabling our clients to improve their business operations.

Our Corporate Income Tax Services will ensure that your returns are prepared efficiently, accurately and filed on time. We assess strategies and look for opportunities that will minimize your corporate income tax liability by taking advantage of existing and new corporate income tax laws.

We will ensure that a proper tax plan is in place to help you maximize your profitability and help your business prosper.

We use Quickbooks and can offer a cutomized package to suit your business needs.

Our corporate taxation services include:

  • Implementation of tax strategies to minimize and/or defer taxation charges
  • Ensure compliance with complex tax rules
  • Structure investments in a tax efficient manner
  • Advise on matters concerning Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and the Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Provide U.S. and International tax services
  • Negotiate with Revenue Canada in cases of tax disputes and appeals

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