• 401K contributions – defer your taxes and save for retirement
  • IRA planning – are you on the right plan for your needs?
  • HSA’s – have you thought of HSA’s as a tax saving tool?
  • Capital gains – sold a property? Thinking of selling a property or investment? Not sure how much depreciation has been taken or how much you may owe? We can help you plan the sale in a way that results in the lowest possible taxes owed
  • Own foreign accounts? You may be subject to foreign income and account compliance reporting: FBAR & Form 8938
  • Utilizing losses to reduce your tax burden
  • Maximizing your deductions


  • Starting a new business? Not sure how to incorporate or if you should at all? We help individuals find the right type of organization and structure for their needs. Whether it be a single person LLC, partnership, C corporation, S corporation or a combination thereof – we can help you with the right structure to minimize the taxes you pay
  • Assessing the impact of any business losses for carryback or carry forward
  • Estimating income tax to ensure you don’t get hit with penalties and interest at year end
  • Section 179 depreciation – bought a new asset? You may be entitled to deductions
  • Planning the timing of paying expenses and receiving income for cash basis taxpayers – reduce your tax burden by micro managing the timing of your revenue and expenses
  • IRA’s and 401K’s for self-employed individuals – Entrepreneurs: Fear not! Retirement planning is not only for salaried individuals. There are several plan options that help self-employed individuals get deductions and plan for future retirement

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